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Visa Cancellations

Under the Migration Act 1958, a visa can be cancelled by the department under various sections. This could happen for many reasons for example breaching of a visa condition, not attending classes for student’s visa holders, character issues etc. There are different sections under the Migration Act 1958 that applies to the cancellation of a visa.

If your visa has been cancelled by the department, we can apply for a review to the AAT (Administrative Appeals Tribunal).

Visa Refusals

Under the Australian Migration act 1958, a visa application can be refused by the department. There could be various grounds for an application to be declined by the department such as not providing supporting documents i.e. English language results, health issues, character issues, fraudulent documents etc. We can  appeal against the decision to refuse or cancel a visa to the AAT (Administrative Appeals Tribunal).

NOICC (Notice of Intention to consider cancellation a visa)

Usually before cancelling a visa the case officer will issue a NOICC (Notice of Intention to cancel a visa). NOICC gives opportunity to the visa holder to explain why his visa shall not be cancelled under the migration law 1958. Contact us if you have received a NOICC. This shall be treated seriously or visa cancellation is highly likely if no response is provided by the visa holder.